Baroness Meral Hussein Ece

Meral was born in London to Turkish-Cypriot immigrant parents.
She has been a member of the House of Lords since 2010, the first person from her background in the British Parliament. She’s served as equalities spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat’s.
She was elected as councillor in the London Borough of Hackney, and served as Deputy Leader.
 She was the first woman from a Turkish-Cypriot background elected to public office in the U.K.
In 2002, she was elected  as councillor  for Islington Council, and appointed as Cabinet Member.
 She served as a councillor for a total of 16 years
Meral was a Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission,  and awarded an OBE for services to local government and equalities, by HM The Queen in 2009.
She was a founding member of Imece Turkish -Speaking Womens Group, established to support women who were victims of domestic abuse, and has worked closely with the Centre for Turkey Studies since it’s founding in 2011.

Cenap Kaygusuz

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Cenap Kaygusuz, the CEO of Paymentap, was born in 1983 in Aydin, Turkiye. He did his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Dumlupinar University and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Project Management at the University of Wales. Throughout his career, He has been Sales & Marketing Manager for Digicom Telecom Ltd, Project & Business Development Manager for Pembury Estates & Lettings Ltd. After being the manager of Area Sales for XLN, He founded his company, Paymentap, in 2016.

Payment is a complete payment processing solution company based in London, taking care of card payment transactions, energy contracts and loan services to thousands of small and medium-sized companies in the United Kingdom, allowing you to reach more customers with a broader variety of payment choices with exceptional security and speed.

Starting Early September 2023, payment will move to a new location to better serve you in the entirely new Theobalds Enterprise Centre in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

Muhammet Akdere

Muhammet Akdere, an accomplished architect, embarked on a global journey that led him through prominent construction firms worldwide before he eventually found his place in London, where he founded his own architectural enterprise. In 2019, the inception of AKART marked the start of a remarkable trajectory, punctuated by its imprint on the design landscape of over 200 establishments spanning diverse categories such as restaurants, cafes, retail spaces, offices, and residences.

With extensive experience, Muhammet Akdere has emerged as a key catalyst in propelling numerous enterprises and employers to elevated echelons of design and functionality. His rich expertise serves as a wellspring from which innovative solutions flow. Beyond architectural undertakings, Muhammet Akdere’s purview extends to fortifying brand identity through comprehensive brand development services, creating a holistic synergy within businesses, and yielding cohesive solutions.

Presently, Muhammet Akdere continues to spearhead operations throughout the United Kingdom, actively steering the growth and achievements of AKART towards even greater heights.

Hande Yaşargil

Hande Yaşargil has been an international executive coach and leadership consultant for over twenty years, with an extensive experience in diverse geographies, cultures, and industries.

Hande is known for her many television and print interviews on business and leadership themes. She has graduate degrees and diplomas in Human Resources Management, Organisational Clinical Psychology, Family Businesses, and Coaching and Consulting from INSEAD and Harvard Business Schools. She taught Organisational Behaviour and Leadership courses as an adjunct professor for Istanbul Bilgi University and Koc University Executive MBA Programs.

She has been the founding chairperson of ‘Women on Board Association Turkey’ since 2011.  As a passionate social responsibility leader, she regularly writes, speaks, and works on diversity and inclusion, women’s leadership, and gender equality topics. As a consultant who works and travels globally, she has always been interested in the multidimensional place of food in cultures and the culinary industry’s development, mainly as a family business.

Ozan Aşkin

Ozan Askin is the Managing Director of Silvine Law, and a forward-thinking, accomplished and proactive Civil Litigation Solicitor with 12+ years of applied Legal experience.

Ozan specialises in all aspects of Commercial matters, leveraging proven commercial acumen, a natural ability to distil complex legal jargon into easily understandable language, and an unwavering commitment to delivering successful results for his diverse client base, ranging from professional footballers through to media and IT/tech companies.

He has cultivated a cohesive, collaborative, and synergistic environment at Silvine Law, with a wealth of experience in managing, supervising, and empowering members of staff and Legal Practice administration. Ozan also has a focus on Financial Management and Accounting.

Ozan was awarded Lawyer of the Year 2017 by the Centre for Turkey Studies – CEFTUS an independent think-tank organisation that focuses on foreign affairs, economic issues, social developments and building bridges between Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Outside of work, you can find Ozan reading, running, and attending musicals.

Fevzi Güngör

Fevzi Güngör’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1984 when he moved to the UK. He attended Hammersmith High School and ventured into business in 1998 with a coffee shop. With over 40 establishments in the UK, his ventures range from cafes, restaurants, and fast-food takeaways to property development, snooker clubs, bakery wholesale, and food service. He’s currently focused on franchising Supreme Doner Kebab and Stax Burger, managing six stores and employing 100+ staff.

In 2012, Fevzi Güngör became a trustee of the Ihlara Valley Association, a charitable organisation. In 2022, he became chairman of Ihlara Football Club in Turkey. He has started sharing his industry expertise actively through platforms like YouTube and social media. He is based in London with his family and is dedicated to steering his entrepreneurial endeavours and contributing to business and community development.

Kezban Alan

Kezban Alan has resided in London for approximately five years. She has served as a Turkish legal counsel for 27 years. Kezban successfully established and managed two pubs in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, overseeing their operations for eight years. Moreover, she is the esteemed founder of the think-tank known as Özgür Üniversitesi, which remains active as a foundation based in Istanbul. Kezban Alan expresses deep gratitude towards Turkish restaurants for their valuable contribution to Turkey’s image, and she is determined to enhance further and contribute to this esteemed image.